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The Gulf Islands Unite around Roller Derby

Have you been hearing more about Roller Derby lately? No, this is not your grandma's derby, which was more akin to WWE Wrastlin'.

If so, it's probably because the sport is taking the world by storm, from the gritty back alleys of the urban jungle, and now evidently, to the idyllic and picturesque hills in the sea ecology of the Gulf Islands.

Plucky bottled up women everywhere are taking up the chance to beat each other silly while flying down a track as fast as their pistoning thighs and glutes will push them (subject to many very specific and somewhat mysterious rules).

One weekend ago, I was witness to Gulf Islands Derby history when envoys from Salt Spring's "Committed" came to poach players from Galiano's nascent gaggle of derby gladiators. They were here to get the balls rolling, and "get on the same page" in what's turning out to be our region's Derby All-Stars.

This weekend, a couple of Galiano's girls are up in Comox, refining the craft of standing their ground while rolling down the highway.

In true Gulf Island style, these emissaries of pain, arrived via boat, a bad ass R.I.B. that meant business as much as they did.

So get stoked Islanders! You've now got a fully fledged regional entry to root for, and there's a bout coming up, in a rented rink in town. Stay tuned! Just don't expect it to be all glitz and no athleticism. There are real points and real bragging rights on the line.

p.s. Word on the water is that Pender also has a budding group of guerilla rollers. Perhaps you'll be seeing them on a track near you too!