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Film Screening: Groundswell & Reflections

Join us at the South Hall for an invigorating afternoon with two short film screenings, beautiful art books for sale, and guest speakers Misty MacDuffee and Chris Genovali from Raincoast Conservation Foundation! These two films feature masterful cinematography capturing the elegant beauty of BC's Northwest Coast:

Groundswell (~25 mins): Description from Dr. Chris Darimont (Uvic; Raincoast Conservation foundation)
"Last autumn, I showed some friends from the Patagonia surf team some very special places in the Great Bear Rainforest. In return, they have lent their voice to a coast at risk from oil. Together with Raincoasters and two colleagues from the Heiltsuk Nation, a compelling narrative nicely complements world-class surfing that surely made the local dolphin smile.

The film makes its world debut in Bella Bella - the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest - then travels down the coast (as might oil tankers) all the way to Cardiff-by-the-Sea in southern California between Oct 28 and 17 November. Thereafter, it will be available for download at, with all proceeds flowing to Raincoast. The film is directed by accomplished filmmaker, Chris Malloy of Woodshed Films and Farmleague Productions."

Reflections (~25 mins)
"We will also show the short documentary, Reflections, which chronicles another recent voyage of purpose. This past summer, Raincoast hosted Canadas most celebrated artists - Robert Bateman, Roy Henry Vickers and local indigenous artists - in the GBR, where they madly painted, sketched, and chiseled their way to beauty inspired by a landscape with abundance. The resulting book, with narative by Raincoasters and their friends, a Foreword by David Suzuki and an Afterword by Wade Davis, embodies their dedication in print and forms a stunning visual petition of sorts. Reflections - a StongHeart Productions film - is about the meaning behind the work and a remarkable journey into the coast. (Look soon on Raincoast site for info on coast-to-coast art shows, displaying the work)."

The 2 film trailers:

Finally, if you are interested in some thorough background, please consider seeing our feature articles in most unorthodox but nonetheless powerful venues: SURFER and SBC Surf (hot off the press), which combined reached an estimated 1 million readers.

If you are interested in a different and more thorough read, you can read the submissions to the Joint Review Panel by Raincoast (which is a formal intervenor). We will be cross-examined by Enbridge lawyers soon on its content. But we also have the privilege to instruct our legal counsel on how they can cross examine Enbridge on their submissions.

Part of this submission was a scientific paper in this months Natural Areas Journal (soon to be released). Christina Service, a MSc student in Geography at UVic, lead the work. We assessed the relative risk to dozens of downstream protected areas as the pipeline would snake its way across the province. Read media coverage of this study here:

Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 12:30