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1Month Summer Intensive TBA Teacher Certification Training Course

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1Month Summer Intensive TBA Teacher Certification Training Course- (Galiano island)

July2 - July 26

TBA Teacher Certification Training Course- July 2013

learn the theory and practice of Taoist Body Arts TBA

At the Taoist Academy, we believe that your personal practice and experience is the foundation for creative teaching. The one month intensive program to become a Certified TBA Instructor is designed to build and deepen a foundation of your personal practice or embark on a transformational journey toward becoming a TBA Instructor. To facilitate a more scientific understanding of the body, you will study the basic TCM meridian system, class sequencing, physical adjustments, as well as the physiology of inversions, breathing and the CHI or Qi energy system. Studying beyond the physical component of TBA, students will also study from the Taoist teachings beyond the very best elements of Tai Ji, Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Meditation in TBA was brought together into a professional training system of the highest standards. The Teaching of TBA was created to make it easy for Western minds and bodies to access the secrets of the eastern wisdom. But also to activate all recourses of your mind and Body in one Training session.

mastering the art of teaching

At the Taoist Academy , we seek to develop teachers who encourage and inspire, who demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of individuals building meaningful relationships. Creating a strong foundation graduates will be able to discover your own unique voice and style.

Students who successfully complete the one Month Instructor training program will:
• Deepen their practice and understanding of TBA
• Learn how to provide and effectively implement corrections for students using voice, body language and touch
• Create a cohesive, well-rounded class sequence
• Study and understand TBA philosophy from the Taoist Teachings beyond the technique
• Have confidence to begin teaching TBA to various levels of students

Students will also receive a international Certification.

Costs: $3000

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250 539 0979 or