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Fu Xi Qi Healing

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Fu Xi Qi Healing

Fu Xi Qi Healing offers 8000 years of eastern healing wisdom for western Soul, Mind, Heart and Body

Fu Xi Qi Healing is the most effective healing Technic
for relieve your Pain!

Grand master Romeo holds the title of the 74th liniage holder and is the adopted son of the Taoist Grandmaster Fu Xi Chin.

Romeo has over 20 years of healing
experiences around the world.
He helped thousend's of people to feel.

Healthy, Happy, Pain free, and Balanced in their life again.

Fu Xi Qi Healing is for:
- Painrelief on your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body

Make an appointment Now!!.
To feel the difference.

1 Hour Fu Xi Qi Healingsession for only $40 regular $90

Contact romeo now under 2505390979

Phone or E-mail: 
250 539 0979 or