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Long-term Cabin Wanted or available for paid house-sitting

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Single Female 50's looking for Long-term Rental. Cabin with wood-stove, good drinking water and a place to garden. Allergies to Tobacco, mold and most fragrances as well as noise. Another possibility is to do a trade. Work exchange for "home" (long-term). If you have a cabin/yurt/en-suite with electricity and wood-stove would be great.
Currently my income is Welfare. I am still healing from a fall (bad back, hip) but can do things on my own pace.
Would love to learn about farming life - gardening - herbs - and living sustainably. Prefer organic food and a Sovereign life-style.
I love being around "NATURE". House-sitting would be ideal if it is long-term.
May also consider Companionship to a Senior who may need some house-keeping chores and cooking done part of the day but I would like to take the next 6 months just to heal my weary bones.

Peace and Light! Sovereign Lute (Abi)

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