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Galiano Conservancy Association


Conservation and Nature

The Galiano Conservancy Association is a community-based non-profit society and registered charity founded in 1989 and dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural and human environment of the area. Our purposes include conducting research programmes with local citizens and qualified persons on important issues in the fields of development and conservation as well as facilitating public education and participation in resource and land use management. The Conservancy is one of BC's first land trusts, and owns and protects several environmentally sensitive properties on Galiano. We also provide environmental education programs, and have active projects in the areas of conservation mapping, planning, biodiversity monitoring and ecological restoration. In addition we maintain an extensive library and resource collection to which the public has access.
Come out and volunteer with the Galiano Conservancy Association – we need your help to deliver our ongoing environmental education programs and to maintain our native plant nursery. Education volunteers have a chance to share their knowledge and learn about our beautiful island, meet new people and play with kids. If you love gardening or want to brush up on your botany, then help out at the nursery where we collect seed, propagate and care for a wide variety of native plants.
For education opportunities contact Pauline or Patti (
For nursery opportunities contact Patti or Keith (
Phone us @ 250-539-2424

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Adult Membership: $10/year Children (under age 16): $2/year
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