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Galiano Green (A project of the Galiano Land and Community Housing Trust)


Do You Have a Dream?
Have you ever thought about building your own green home without the high cost of owning land? What if you could own your own home for what you are paying for rent now? What if you had secure housing for 99 years and never had to worry about looking for another rental? Galiano Green is not a dream. It is happening. It could be your reality.

What is Galiano Green?
Galiano Green is an affordable home ownership project; purposely located at one of Galiano’s two “village” centres. The project affords easy access by foot to 12 community amenities and is ideally located for community housing. Rezoning permits 20 homes, ranging from 500 to 1000 square feet; with monthly lease payments between $175-300. Each home owner will be responsible for harvesting, storing and treating enough rainwater to serve that household’s needs. The property has a separate well with a significant supply. Two common buildings are planned; one up to 500 sq.ft. for laundry and shower and eventually, a multi-use building of up to 2500 sq.ft. which could include a meeting area, workshop/studio and daycare.

Do You Have a Plan?
Are you enthusiastic about the idea of building a green home by yourself or with the help of friends? Does a modest sized, sustainable home that is easy to build, easy to heat in the winter and easy to cool in the summer with low monthly electric bills sound good to you? Do you or your friends have the skills and resources to build a simple home?

Would You Like to Apply?
We are in the process of rezoning to permit affordable housing. The project is contingent on
a show of interest from potential applicants.

Go to the website to review the application process at


Geolocation is 48.89062, -123.35135

Volunteers Needed: