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Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce


Chambres of Commerce

'In Business for Business'
What do most successful businesses have in common on Galiano Island ?
They are active members of our Community and members of the Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce.
One of the attractions that draw people to Galiano Island is the island's sense of community. Part of any successful and sustainable community is economic stability. Part of living in a community is creating a cohesive network of businesses that strive to maintain the economical viability of that community so that we can all live, work and play here. Being part of that community -- by paying dues to the organization:
* that greets your guests and visiting relatives
* that answers questions from the patrons of your shops and restaurants
* that directs people to your services
* & that features your business effectively online at
All these functions benefit everyone: the visitor, the guest, the relative, the resident, the business owner - our Island as a whole.
The Galiano Chamber website is often the first contact point that both new residents and visitors have with Galiano. It is one of the primary sources for visitors wanting to find information about our Island. Visitors can quickly locate and be in touch with accommodations, recreational activities, retail shops, art galleries, our community services organizations and a variety of food stores, all from this one website. Statistics show that is consistently at the top of search results for "Galiano Island".
We warmly welcome new businesses to become members - please go to and click on the signup for membership button & email our Membership Director, Henny Schnare, directly at
A Strong Business Voice
The BC Chamber of Commerce, of which Galiano is a member, ensures that our voices are heard at the regional and provincial levels. Your opinions do count and your voice should be heard also at the local level as well! Our Chamber provides an opportunity for our business community to make its opinions known to our government representatives here at the municipal level - Through membership feedback, we work to bring consensus on issues affecting our community. In addition, we provide a number of very effective marketing and promotional opportunities for our Chamber members. These are multiple listing choices available on as well as your inclusion inside our annually produced Galiano Brochure and Map. This publication is circulated widely on the ferries and at BC tourist information centres.
Power In Numbers
With your membership in the Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce, you automatically join over 28,000 businesses across the province as a member of our larger body, the BC Chamber of Commerce. This organization is a powerful advocate for businesses, acting as a watchdog for a number of our most important BC industries such as tourism and small business-related issues.
Website Member Profile
The Chamber site provides Galiano's ONLINE Business Directory at, profiling its membership - either by business category or alphabetically. Those members who have a 'main web advertisement' are provided with links to their own website if they have one.
We get thousands of unique visitors to the website each month, with the highest web traffic over the summer months. is an incredibly valuable promotional tool that boosts Galiano Island 's economy.
Broadcast Your Business
Being a Galiano Chamber member provides you with a means of broadcasting your message to our entire Galiano Chamber membership. If you are staging a special Galiano event, you can post an event notice for inclusion in our event calendar. This is a very effective way to communicate to all our business community in seconds!
On Your Behalf
The Chamber operates a summer Visitor Information Booth, and three main Chamber email addresses (general information), (membership information) and (our president) are all monitored regularly. Collectively, these are used by hundreds of people and outside businesses, resulting in many leads for Chamber members.
Visitor Information Booth
Located near the BC Ferries terminal on Sturdies Bay Road, the Chamber operates an 'Information Booth', where visitors to the island are warmly greeted. As well, members can have their brochures, pamphlets and cards 'racked' in the booth, where visitors can easily access this information. The cost of racking your business information is included in your annual membership fee.
Community groups or organizations can post information about their 'special event' on one side of the booth. Many visitors to the island consult the board to find out what events are going on.
The Chamber also makes available, free of charge, a 12x18" double-sided colour 'community map'. This map outlines all of the shoreline accesses, walks and beaches available on Galiano for our visitors. As well, it has a small written profile of Galiano. online Advertising: focuses attention on members' main web advertisements and listings which are located under the following categories established for 2010.
* Accommodations - Bed & Breakfasts; Cottages, Cabins & Houses; Inns & Resorts; and Retreats
* Arts, Crafts & Galleries
* Dining
* Education & Culture
* Health & Bodywork
* Services & Retail
* Fun & Recreation
* Weddings & Ceremonies
Each main web advertisement has photographs from each business, and 500 characters of descriptive text with further helpful information such as the location address, email and domain website links and (for the accommodations businesses) - amenity icons. Members may also elect to broadcast an advertising "banner" at the top of a category's index page.
Any questions? Please contact us, we'd love to hear from you - or