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The Galiano Twirly Tree Shop



The Galiano Twirly Tree Shop is a retail collective of local Artisans, with two locations on Galiano Island; both on Sturdies Bay Road at the Manzanita Mall, and Twirly Tree by the Sea at Montague Marina. Our shop members are Susanne Laughlin, Dorrie Ratzlaff, Dianne Laronde, Deborah Roberts and Kathleen Buckley, and we have many more consigning artisans that we represent . Our shops feature high quality artisan products including ceramics, glass, textiles, and wood, fine art, art & photography cards, gourmet edibles, and natural body care. We have an incredibly distinct music selection featuring both local musicians, and musicians who have forged strong connections with our community. We also carry some necessity items for locals and visitors, art & craft supplies, and a knitter's paradise of wools and tools. We are open Thursday through Sunday during winter hours, and every day from May through September. We are proud to represent and support the creative culture of our island community!
phone: 250-539-2600

Volunteers Needed: 


This seems like a good place to post the hours. When is the store open?