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Griffiths Yachting Library

A resource of the Galiano Island Yacht Club is born.
Margaret Griffiths was kind enough to donate all of the Yachting books owned by her late husband George. George was an accomplished sailor, having crossed the Atlantic and sailed to British Columbia, back when that was even more difficult than it is today.


CEDAR GROVE GALLERY is and open-air gallery under the cedar trees featuring the work of Sandra Dolph. Within you'll find framed ceramic wallpieces depicting the beautiful coastal environment of Galiano. As well, Sandra makes and sells sculptural vases and functional kitchenware, inspired by the colors and textures of the West Coast rocks and trees. She also offers occasional pottery classes in her studio.

Galiano Ferries

The Southern Gulf Islands are connected to each other and to the mainland by the British Columbia Ferries system: it is our "lifeline" to supplies, services, emergency services, and to our economy, whether it is tourism or business operations.

Insight Art Gallery, Tish Saunders

Insight Art Gallery shows fine artwork by local artists in a beautiful west coast gallery setting. Our gallery building features high ceilings, post and beam work, and a bank of north-facing skylights. The gardens are filled with flowering bushes, perennials, and many different specialty trees and orchard. This year the gallery is the home of the Group of Six - Bruce Dolsen, Betsy Fairbrother, Laurie MacCallum, Francine Renaud, Anne Popperwell and Tish Saunders (owner, artist).

Galiano Golf & Country Club

Come enjoy the most beautiful little golf course on the Gulf Islands.
Nine holes of perfection, challenging greens.
A five minute drive from Sturdies Bay Ferry terminal, turn right at the Hummingbird Pub and follow the GOLF signs to Linklater Rd.
Course is open year round. Clubhouse with food service and basic pro shop is open all summer. In the winter use the honour box by the front door to pay.
Oct - April
$10.00 for 9 holes
$20.00 for 18 holes
May - Sept 2012 TBA

Tuffy Basket Water Filters

Tuffy basket water filters fit in the standard 16" basket in most polyethylene water tanks. Made of food safe 40 micron filtering cloth, they will trap leaves, needles and even eaves-trough muck right down to pollen. Never have to clean your water tank again. Clean and re-use your Tuffy filter several times before replacing.
Price - $40 for a pack of 4.
Contact - Dave at 250-539-2182

Daystar Market

Daystar Market is open:
Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm
Sundays 10am-5pm
tel: (250) 539-2800
The Market carries organic produce, dairy, grocery and meats, as well as natural health & beauty products. Fresh coffee is always on, with seating area by the fireplace indoor or on hot sunny days, outside at the picnic tables.


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