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Galiano Conservancy Association

The Galiano Conservancy Association is a community-based non-profit society and registered charity founded in 1989 and dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural and human environment of the area. Our purposes include conducting research programmes with local citizens and qualified persons on important issues in the fields of development and conservation as well as facilitating public education and participation in resource and land use management. The Conservancy is one of BC's first land trusts, and owns and protects several environmentally sensitive properties on Galiano.

Michael Maclean

Similar to most artists composers and writers my work gets swiftly delivered, quite nearly complete into my consciousness. I'm left to concern myself with quality as the style is apt to vary. I do what I want. I make the art I feel is mine to make once I'm given these visions. There is however a state of being which allows the surface consciousness to be available for these transmissions, and I would generalize them as very good.

Small Island Wood Floors

Small Island WOOD FLOORS is owned and operated by Louis Gonthier of Galiano Island, British Columbia. Louis, also known as “The Wood Floor Specialist”, has served the Gulf Islands since 1992. Louis has an inexhaustible knowledge of wood, wood floors and construction and offers a custom service that is much appreciated. Louis’ knowledge and deep respect of forest resources and the environment are part of the company's fabric.

Jam Jar Media | Strawberry Tree Book Arts | Arts & Crafts

Jam Jar Media creates clean and friendly web and print media that connect people with artisans, artists, stores and organisations that offer green, health-related or cultural products and services.

We are committed to ethical, socially responsible and sustainable business practices and seek to work with like-minded businesses.

Services include:

Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary Society

Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity that provides permanent housing to over 140 formerly abused, abandoned, and neglected animals.
Volunteers provide hours of direct care to animals in need including farm and domestic breeds. Rest.Q also has a spay/neuter program for feral cats and low income family pets.
We are networked with various regional animal rescue and service organizations, and act in a core role to promote quality animal care across Galiano Island, Mayne Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada.

Galiano Community Loan Fund

The Fund was created by Galiano Islanders who have come together to pool their money to support others in the community who:
• want to start or expand a business on the island
• need access to affordable housing on the island
• want to develop marketable skills to use on Galiano
• have a worthwhile project that will benefit the community
The Galiano Community Loan Fund is a registered non-profit society in BC.


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