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MIECS Chili Cook Off

Mayne Islands Early Childhood Society is holding it's annual Chili Cook of November 3rd in the School Gym.

Featuring live music and entertainment come out to help judge who's chili holds up best on Mayne Island.

Beer and Wine to be served as well as water and juice for the kids.

Dear Mayne Island

Dear Mayne,

Thanks to the initial adoption by Scott Magee, Active Islands is starting to take off on Mayne Island.

Scott met me (Christian Nally) at the Island Futures Gathering at Montague this past summer. He said that he wanted to create a website that could tie together the Gulf Island and I told him I had one in the making. Before we knew it we were headed off into the same direction and by now the Calendar on Active Islands is starting to actually be useful, given the amount of Mayne specific content there.

Mayne Island Conservancy Society

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society works with the community to preserve the ecological integrity of Mayne Island for future generations. We have an office in the village above the bookstore, 478 Village Bay Rd. Check us out at or phone 250-539-5168. We have a resource library that is being built up through donations and is open WED-FRI 10-4pm. Come up and say hello and check out books, maps, field guides and much more!

Nomads Essentials

We provide superior earth, home and body friendly products. Our unique heavenly soaps, enticing body powders & butters, delightful mattress powder, healing salves & foot powder and tantalizing carpet deodorizer are handcrafted to provide you with a positive curative and fragrant experience. What we put on skin and the earth is absorbed through them and is critical to our health. Knowingly or not, we are continuously exposed to damaging chemicals through breathing, ingestion and absorption.

Surviving Progress - Library Movie Night

Mayne Island Library presents a public screening of the National Film Board's "Surviving Progress", 7:30 pm, Friday, October 5 at the Agricultural Hall.

Ronald Wright’s bestseller "A Short History of Progress" inspired this cinematic requiem to progress-as-usual. Throughout human history, what seemed like progress often backfired. Some of the world's foremost thinkers, activists, bankers, and scientists challenge us to overcome progress traps, which destroyed past civilizations and lie 
treacherously embedded in our own.


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