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Active Islands, Now Simplified, One Type of Post

Saturday, December 6, 2014 - 1:15pm
Classifieds Section: 

Now when you click "Add Items" you're taken to a single page where you can put up a "Post". This post type is a "one stop shop" that feeds all our information views. If you choose to put a Date, it'll show up in the calendar. If you choose a Classifieds section, it'll show up there. But if you choose to add BOTH, it'll show up in both places!

Also, we're back to being able to choose multiple islands for a single posting. Let's get this Inter-Island conversation going! (But please, if you're trying to sell or give something away, if you check multiple islands, please take the responsibility for delivery of the item, unless you truly believe that someone will want your item so strongly that they'd make the trip to your island to get it.)

Use the Contact Form to let me know if you're having any trouble with the new kind of Post. And watch this space for a "Consider This for the Print Publication" link.