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Biodiversity Galiano Island


Working toward completing my undergraduate degree, I have launched a couple of new online resources, with the aim of raising awareness of and documenting the biodiversity of Galiano Island.

1. One features the habitats of the island, with checklists of species historically known to this place—hosted by the Encyclopedia of Life:

2. The other is a citizen science platform that allows you to learn about and help map the local flora and fauna, a project based on iNaturalist:

The two resources together serve as a digital field guide to the island, as well as a means of confirming historical records and tracking the distribution and phenology of local species. You can easily identify many plants, fungi, lichens and animals you come across simply by sharing your observations on this network.

To establish a baseline, I have posted a whole year worth of observations, gathered during 2015, including a few of my phenological studies. I invite you to check them out!

These resources are complementary to a Biodiversity Series being planned for 2016 through Continuing Ed on Galiano Island. For more information about the series contact:

By participating in this community mapping project, you can meaningfully contribute to citizen science, helping to put the local biodiversity into perspective.

Note: this citizen science initiative also has great "inter-island potential" to network with other islands in the region, and help generate Big Data in the Salish Sea. If you would be interested in collaborating in this project, please contact me!