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Bioluminescence Night Tour


Sunday, June 28, 2015 - 9:15pm

Bioluminescence Night Tour
$55 (3HRS - Start time varies with sunset)
 Join us for a memorable evening experiencing and learning about bioluminescence -- the production and emission of light by organisms. Bioluminescence occurs in the Gulf Islands seasonally as warmer temperatures allow dinoflagellates -- single celled plant-like organisms to flourish. When disturbed, dinoflagellates emit light as a defense mechanism. As the light fades and your paddle becomes harder to see, its movement through the water is soon illuminated as it agitates the living ocean. Although wildlife is difficult to see above the water in darkness, movements of other creatures below the surface are illuminated as well. Schools of fish that remain elusive during the day reveal their presence by the comet's tail of sparkling light they trail behind them. This unique tour is accessible to all paddlers (provided you have no fear of the dark!). For more information call 250 539 2442 or visit our website

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Galiano Kayaks, Montague Marina
3451 Montague Road
Galiano Island 48° 53' 33.054" N, 123° 23' 27.492" W
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