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Bird walk -- Bodega Ridge


Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 9:00am

The Galiano Naturalists are sponsoring a series of free Sunday morning bird walks during the spring migration and nesting season. All walks begin at 9 am and last 2 - 3 hours. Everyone is welcome -- come along to learn about the spring birds of the island! (For more information please email galianonaturalists@gmail.comApril 2 - Montague Park (meet at the boat launch parking lot)

April 9 - Cable Bay and Great Beaver Swamp (meet at the parking area at the end of McCoskrie Road)
April 16 - Bluffs Park (meet at the viewpoint parking area)
April 23 - no bird walk - Festival Active Pass on Mayne Island is this weekend
April 30 - Cook Road (meet at the Ecological Reserve parking area on Cook Road)
May 7 - Active Pass (meet at the Mt. Galiano trail parking lot on Active Pass Drive)
May 14 - Heritage Forest (meet at the parking area at the end of Georgia View Road)
May 21 - Bodega Ridge (meet at the parking area at the end of Cottage Way)
May 28 - Bellhouse Park (meet at the parking area at the end of Jack Drive)