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Canada Day Kayak to Lamb BBQ on Saturna

Friday, July 1, 2016 - 9:00am

Come Celebrate one of Canada's most unique celebrations in style! This tour brings together the tastes, smells and sounds of the Saturna Island Lamb BBQ Canada Day celebration event. Let’s paddle out to the best outdoor Lamb BBQ you’ll ever take part in! Your professional sea kayak guide will navigate a short crossing to our neighboring Mayne and Saturna Islands to take part in the fun filled festivities and palate satisfying tastes! Consider this to be the best one day summer celebration you’ll ever encounter! Games, local artisans, Lamb slow roasted to perfection with all the fixings, laughter, music, stories, singing, and a little light exercise! A healthy feast at Winter Cove’s Park grounds sets you up for a relaxing at-your-pace paddle back to perfect Pender Island to celebrate Canada’s Birthday in style!

$150+gst, includes your meal ticket, guide, snacks and water, kayak and all safety gear. Call us at 250-629-6939 to book your spot!

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