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Female available for Senior/Elder Care live-in. Need own private quarters or own room with bathroom.


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I am available to do Live-in Companionship care for senior/elder's long-term in a holistic environment or anyone else needing an extra hand. Light house-work only, Can cook or prepare raw foods. (cannot use microwave at all). Can also include an exercise program. Have DL but if you're able to drive that will be great.
I can be available to help out on a daily basis with personal care as well.
A little about me: Have sensitivities to tobacco, perfumes, colognes, chemicals. I use only organic products. If you enjoy curry, so do I. I Eat mainly raw/organic/electric foods. I do not watch television. I meditate and do some yoga, walk daily and stretches. Some interests are painting, gardening, knitting and listening to peaceful music. I love a quiet but happy environment.
peace and love
Lute 250 539-2364. Leave your phone number and I will return your call as soon as I receive the message as this is a shared line.