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First Online Meeting for Tour des Iles

Tonight we had our first Google Hangout among the organizers and interested parties for Tour des Iles. Thanks to all who attended, including Selena from Mayne, Robyn from Pender, Jenny B and George Harris from Galiano.

Until someone points out otherwise, I'm going to claim that we've set the record for "Number of Gulf Islands Involved in a Single Online Video Conference". Next week (same Bat Time, same Bat Channel) we hope to add Saturna and Saltspring!

We learned a bit about how to judiciously use the mute button on microphones, and how to have the chair single out people to have the "digital talking stick", but the Google Hangout tool worked pretty well, automatically setting the full screen view to be the person who was loudest at the time.

We discussed who our priority passengers may end up being, whether or not we should be using a reservations system, how that might be impacted given that the trips are free, and what aspects of ground transport are going to effect the character of the event. We're aiming to have people be able to enjoy this region in a new and freeing kind of way.

Jenny will be reaching out to Pender musicians to see if they can get some gig exchanges going, where a local sets of a venue for a visiting band. We'll also be trying to do analogous things with other cultural groups, including Trails, the Visual Arts and Roller Derby! :-)

If any of this intrigues you, do feel free to jump into any part of the conversation. And if you have a gmail address, feel free to send me a note at and we'll aim to include you in the next meeting.