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GACS Fitness Centre Coordinator


Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 11:45pm
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The Galiano Activity Centre is Hiring!
Job Title: Galiano Fitness Centre Coordinator
Hours: 7.5 hours per week
Wage: $18/hour
Job Description: Managing the Galiano Fitness Centre, including general operation, regular communication with users and public, advertising, maintenance, cleaning and fee/data management. Please send your resume to by December 5.

Galiano Activity Centre ROLE DESCRIPTION

Fitness Centre Coordinator

Galiano Activity Centre Board

Primarily reporting to the Galiano Activity Centre Board Chair , and Treasurer, the Fitness Centre Coordinator (referred to as the Coordinator) is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the Fitness Centre as well as creating a positive environment for paying members. The Coordinator is responsible to collect fees from interested members and distribute the monthly code. As a representative of the Galiano Activity Centre the Fitness Centre Coordinator should ensure that the values and goals of the board are guiding principles of the service provided in the Fitness Centre.


Safe and Secure Environment
The Coordinator will ensure a safe and secure environment by maintaining equipment, cleaning the centre and ensuring that only those with signed waivers are using the centre. The Coordinator will also ensure the security of the building by reminding members to close windows and ensure the door is locked when they leave. A message to all new members should include instructions for using the building.
The Coordinator will check the email for the Fitness Centre and provide timely replies. The email should be checked every 1-2 days.

Monthly member reminders
In the last week of each month, the Coordinator will remind all current members that their payments are due for the following month. The code is only given to those who have paid with some flexibility for those who have proven reliable and have extenuating circumstances.

Door Code Creation
The Coordinator will supply a new door code each month for monthly and annual members. The code will be four digits and not predictable to reduce theft of services and equipment.

Weekly Codes
The pin pad should be loaded with 4-5 codes specifically designated for people paying for a week. This is a different code than the monthly or annual member code. The code is assigned to a specific patron and deleted at the end of the assigned week.

Centre Cleaning and maintenance
The Coordinator is responsible for the cleaning of the Fitness Centre. This cleaning includes a weekly vacuum, sweeping the outside walkway and dusting. Monthly window washing and floor mopping. The Centre water is filled as required, usually about every three weeks. The Coordinator maintains and fills the cleaning bottles for the machines, stocks tissues, towels and hand sanitizer. Cleaning may also include returning equipment to its proper location. The Coordinator is responsible for removing recycling to the depot. The Centre also requires the occasional light bulb replacement and general light repairs.

Database and Budget
The Coordinator is responsible for updating and maintaining the database of weekly, monthly and annual membership. Fees are collected frequently from the Centre's safe and delivered to the Galiano Activity Centre bookkeeper. The fees are accounted for in the database and members are acknowledged (via e-mail) for their paid fee.

- Demonstrated ability in working with people and comfort collecting membership fees from friends and neighbours.
- Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
- Ability to manage an Excel spreadsheet, use e-mail and create word documents.
- Ability and skill in general maintenance of fitness centre equipment, as well as maintenance of the centre, such as changing fluorescent lighting and light repairs.
- Understanding of fitness equipment and general fitness knowledge.

Hours and Wage:
7.5 hours/week at $18/hour