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Last Chance for Moorage Reservations for the Pirate's Regatta

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 12:15pm

Calling all Pirates and Scallywags

As you know this year's regatta festivities, pre race skippers meeting and the awards ceremony will be taking place at the Montague Marina after the race.

If you anchor out and bring a dingy thats okay but if you would like to moor your Pirate ship along side at the marina itself we need you to confirm your reservation at the Montague Marina.

Please call them at 250-539-5733

Price is 63 cents a foot if you mention the Pirates Regatta. That should be cheap enough even for the Scotsman on Earthlight! There is another group coming into the marina so moorage slips are filling up fast don’t delay make your booking today!

~Zeuss AKA Captain Galiano
The swashbuckling Buccaneer with a Marque from the Sea