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Media and Local Community

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 5:45am

Your faithful webmaster here at Active Islands is headed to Ottawa next week to rejoin some long lost physics colleagues for a recognition and celebration of Art McDonald's recently being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The recognition will happen just after Question Period on Tuesday, March 8th.

While there, I am hoping to attend a parliamentary committee on Media and Local Communities. In one of Elizabeth May's town hall's she encouraged us to attend such committee meetings, because those tend to be very much more constructive and useful than the sound bites we see in coverage of Question Period.

I'm a newcomer to such things, but it turns out that we all have access to audio recordings of parliamentary committee meetings.

In the case of Media and Local Community, if you're interested, check out the sub pages of these meetings here (particularly the links that say "Listen on ParlVU".

Do you have a perspective on recent changes in Media and the way it effects Local Community? If so, let me know by posting something here or reaching out via the Contact Form on Active Islands.