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New: Permaculture Working Group


Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 6:30pm
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Building resilience, building relationships. The Permaculture Working Group is a new opportunity to explore Permaculture and related ecological design methodologies while more importantly creating new friendships, sharing knowledge and getting some experience putting the topics we explore to work on the land. Tricia Sharpe and Christopher Heffley will share the Permablitz model as a way of sharing skill sets and workload, as well as finding out what challenges people are most interested in exploring on their own sites.

1st session Wed Oct 11, 6:30pm, South Hall. Everyone Welcome ~ Donations gratefully accepted ~

Christopher completed a Permaculture Design certificate at the Bullock Brothers Farm on Orcas Island, studied Regenerative Ecological Design at the ECOSA Institute in Arizona and most recently received the Rainwater Harvesting and Management certificate through Royal Roads University. Tricia completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at a Nanaimo co-housing community through Permaculture BC. Since then she has interned at the Mason Street City Farm, taken mushroom cultivation courses with Fungi for the People in Oregon & DIY Fungi in Victoria. She's currently enrolled in Linda Gilkeson's Year Round Harvest course.