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New Resident Looking for Rustic Cabin


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Active, retired teacher and dog require a small-ish, easy to heat cabin with privacy and a well-organized kitchen, preferably with a propane stove. A loft bedroom is no problem. Since I live on a pension, monthly rent and utilities under $700, please. I'm currently writing a novel and so need solitude for at least part of the day. I also write poetry and short fiction. Wifi NOT necessary, not cable, either. Landline is good but not necessary if there is cell coverage. I have a small dog that I walk daily. A view of the water would be nice, but a view of the forest is fine, too. You can reach me at or 604 825-8271. Thank you for any leads, or ideas, as well. I look forward to meeting you and discussing house-sitting, subletting or other rental opportunities. I have a temporary place here on Galiano through May, 2015 and will be traveling June, July and August so will need a place beginning in September. Thank you~

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