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ORCA Couple Seeking Pod Base


Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 1:30pm
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We are a mid-40's couple that is very active in ORCA conservation work. Two years ago Pender Island inspired OceanWalls to be created... and this year we are launching an ORCA Kids Playground for the City of Victoria...

We are seeking employment or work around Pender Island and potential accomodation or spot to park a motorhome for our return to Pender Island to work on a new documentary project.

WE are open to house sitting, gardenning, yacht cleaning, diving, scrubbing, general labour, holistic healing, Qi Gong, Yoga , Massage, animal training,... YOU GET THE PICTURE we are diverse , energetic , vibrant and community based.

Thanks for reading and supporting our love to return to Pender and the whales.

Chris Porter, Cast of CNN's Blackfish the Movie