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Pirates Regatta 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 10:00am

Calling All Gulf Island Sailors, Skippers, Crew and Scallywags!

The Race will Run using "Saturna Rules with Galiano Variations".

Broadly speaking the race is won by generating fun for yourselves and other boats. Sailing as fast as you can is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect for your opponents (if you have any respect for them to start with) or at the expense of how much fun you and the rest of your boat's crew are having.

Boats get 'karma points' for ...

i) entertaining the other boats
ii) introducing people to the sport of sailboat racing
iii) being responsible for bringing other boats to the race
iv) nailing the start without nailing competitor's boats
v) including young people in the operation of your vessel
vI) being from far away
vii) doing additional laps of the "intermediate island circuit"
viii) crossing the finish line as close as possible to the predetermined finish time
(WITHOUT using any fancy tricks like heaving-to in front of the line)

On offer this year!

"Courtesy Safety Inspections" from the Coast Guard Auxiliary (

Map Location: 
Trincomali Channel 48° 53' 10.8312" N, 123° 26' 4.1496" W