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Pirates Regatta review

Well the Gulf islands Pirate Regatta was a great success, with over 77 participants and many different Vessels .
We Had boats come from as far away as Esquimalt ,Cordova Bay, Pender island, and Saltspring island.
For those that don’t know , the Pirates Regatta is an event designed for families and friends to dress up and play on the water .
The course is very loose and is designed so all vessels have equal opportunity to win one of our coveted trophies .
Boats who finish the course, finish the course at a specific time so its designed to accommodate all vessels and provide everyone with a photo finish .
The meeting at the end of the race is where the real fun is , where each ships crew puts their arguments forward in the form of a skit , song or winded tale , then the other crews vote which ship wins what trophy .
Trophy for
Total awesomeness (pewter sailing ship) was awarded to Nanoo
speediness ( the golden propeller ) was earned by Milady
Best theatrics (oscar ) was earned by Alena
Enthusiasm (silver bowl) was earned by Soluna
best scaly wags (wooden fist with protruding finger) earned by Squall
Join us next time for more fun and Shenanigans !