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In Search of a Garden (or Farm) to Call Home


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We are Selena (Mama) and Aurora (almost 2), a pair of nature loving ladies in search of a stable and long term island home. We’ve been loving the island life on Mayne for a year and a half now, but haven’t found the perfect place to really settle in as most summer options aren’t ideal for winter, and vice versa. Having learned a few things about what we need for a “dream home” suited for us, here is our wish list:

* Must be available for a minimum one year lease beginning October 1st. The longer term the better. A landlord who may be open to rent-to-own or the option to buy in the next few years would be especially considered.
* A private dwelling with a wood stove and at least one bedroom. Two would be better so my miss finally has her own room. Three would be awesome so we have space for guests.
* GARDEN SPACE IS A MUST. An already fenced garden would be amazing, but even enough open space with light to build one from scratch could do. You can check out my last blog post ( to see the efforts we have made to rehabilitate several gardens during our time here so far. If we were really lucky maybe we could find some sort of farm with animals we could help in care-taking. You never know what the universe might send our way.
* Close to the village and amenities as I don’t drive.
* Ideally Mayne Island, although we are open to exploring any of the other Southern Gulf Islands for the right place we can really grow into.

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to browse my blog ( to get a sense of the things we do. If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to send an email ( or give me a ring (250) 539-8186.

Hope this finds just the right person to work with us in making our “dream home” come true.